How did it all begin?

During the terminal illness of their father, Carl and Francis Grim recognized the great spiritual need in hospitals. If doctors, nurses and other members of the healthcare team were won to Christ, He could communicate His compassion through them to their patients. Thus in 1936, constrained by God, they formed a Fellowship, which was later known as the Hospital Christian Fellowship, now Healthcare Christian Fellowship. Pioneering journeys were undertaken to many parts of the world including Zambia in the early 70s, when Francis visited Kitwe Central Hospital, where HCF is believed to have been born in Zambia; training bases have been established for the ever growing number of nationals whose hearts have been captured by the vision of HCF; and international conferences have become a regular feature, linking believers worldwide in a fellowship of prayer and care



Who administers HCF? 

HCF is governed by:

Regional Promoter, Secretary and a team comprising National Coordinators.

A National Executive Board/National Action Team, whose members are chosen on the basis of their spiritual maturity, commitment to and involvement in the work of HCF.


Full-time and Associate Staff who work amongst those in the healthcare services and seek to implement the aims of HCF. They also care for the administrative offices.

2nd from left is Rev. Gervaz T. Tembo, HCF National Coordinator with HCF Zambia Board Members
Ndola Central Hospital HCF Local Action Team
University Teaching Hospital Local Action Team
Rev. Gervaz Tembo with Dr. Keith Michael in Ndola after a consultative Meeting at Mukuba Hotel
HCF Has active Local Action Teams in Lusaka at UTH, Ndola Central Hospital, Kitwe Central Hospital, Nchanga North Hospital, Wusakile Hospital and Mpongwe Mission Hospital in Luanshya.

Prayer Requests:

1. God's Wisdom & Guidance for the HCF Leadership
2. Pray for Gervaz & Christine Tembo-Fulltime Staff
3. Pray for those who have offered to serve God in HCF
4. Purchase of a Minibus-$4000,
Computer Equip. ($1500)